HNZXIB SHZ-D(III) Double-tap Laboratory Desktop Circulating WaterVacuum Pump/Vacuum Aspiration

Application:Metering Power supply(V/HZ):220/50, Flow(L/min):60, Lift(m):8 Body material:Anti-corrosive, Material:static spraying Max. pressure (M Pa):0.098,Quantity of tap (Pcs):2,Tank Capacity:15L

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Features 1. Water-saving effect is remarkable. The water in the water tank of the machine can be recycling, which is overcome the phenomenon of large amount of waste water when direct blow down tap water for vacuum. After testing, in one working day, continuous use may save water more than 8 tons, and the water can be use for a long time at a time. It is particularly suitable for tall building laboratory which is lack of water or insufficient water pressure.
2. Multi-function versatility application. This machine can provide vacuum conditions, besides, it also can provide circulating cooling water to the reaction device. This machine is connected to water, through appropriate supplement water, can continuous cycle operation for long time and keeping the inside temperature does not rise, the vacuum does not drop. Different models have different vacuum taps device, ranging from 2-5, the operator can work alone or in parallel operation.
3. Corrosion-resistant, no pollution.The machine shaft made of stainless steel material: the pump head, impeller, jet device and other key components.Using acid, alkali resistance A.B.C engineering plastics, copper, plastic Wang and other materials, plastic materials for the water tank.According to user needs can be freely chosen, is not from the effects of corrosive substances such as acid, alkali solvents and so on and also does not contaminate the laboratory.
4. Novel appearance, easy to operate. The pump head directly immersed in water, minus the complicated water diversion devices.Bottom with brake caster, easy to move, the upper part with detachable table cover, easy to add water, ice or overhaul.
5. The machine running low noise, stable performance. Also have the advantage of a small size, small footprint, light weight and so on.

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