HNZXIB Quick Essential Chemical Double-layer Jacketed Glass Reactor

Voltage:110V/60HZ Stirring Power:60W,Stirring Speed:0-600(max.1300)rpm Rugged steel-reinforced PTFE stirrer with anchor agitator which is suitable for a wide range of material viscosity

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1. GG17 high-borosilicate glass with nice physical-chemical properties; experiment temperature -100 to 400 degree C; Resistant to strong acidic properties of materials; only touching with glass parts & PTFE, no cross-contamination.

2. Double cylinder; kettle cover is separated from kettle body. It is convenient to disassemble, clean and install.

3. Stirring adopts to mechanical sealing, it keeps higher vacuum degree among the same products in the market. It also keeps high vacuum degree when stirring.

4. Glass(PTFE) discharge valve, non-dead angle mixing, fast emptying, no residue.

5. Frequency control speed gear motor, smooth running, high torque, automatic booster, no spark, noise free, long life.

6. SUS frame and cast aluminum material kettle body support, elegant appearance, stable structure.

7. Circulating water/oil bath, high and low temperature machine can supply heating source; Cooling machine:cooling chiller, high and low temperature machine, convenient and practical

8. Scientific & innovative structure, practical, elegant appearance, domestic industry-leading.

9. Explosion proof is optional.
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