HNZXIB DLSB -10/10 Refrigerated Circulators in Laboratory Thermostatic Device

Refrigerated Circulator volume:10L. Refrigerated Circulator temperature:-14℃ Refrigerated Circulator capacity:1894-884 Refrigerated Circulator flow:20L/min Refrigerated Circulator lift:4-6m

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Features (1)Air-cooled and hermetically sealed compressor units (import) with dependable quality;
(2)The dedicated and high-quality relays, protective devices and capacitors of the refrigerating units;
(3)Digital Read Out of temperature and microprocessor controller for temperature, simple and easier to see;
(4)It can be matched with a variety of instruments (rotary evaporators, fermentation tanks, chemical reactors, freeze-drying equipments, pharmaceutical reactors, etc.);
(5)Bigger cooling capacity and faster cooling speed, which have greatly improved the working efficiency;
(6)It can effectively ensure the normal use of all kinds of precision instruments under the working conditions such as lacking water, the poor quality,pressure and temperature of water, and high temperature;
(7)The flow of circulating pump can be either adjusted or customized, which has greatly met the actual needs of different customers;
(8) All models of this machine can be matched reasonably between the low temperature and the cooling capacity or capacity basing on the requirements of customers.
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